Fall Sweaters Under $50

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Fact, I did an excellent job of stretching out my regular non maternity fall clothing when I was pregnant.  What I thought was fitting last fall and winter is stretched out and less than flattering.  Which leads me to do some shopping for great, easy fall sweaters I can throw on and not worry about spit up, soon to be baby food, and able to be thrown in the wash on delicate, etc.

So these are a few of my favorite sweaters under $50 that fall into some of Fall's trends, which I've listed below.

Mock Neck
Cable knit
Lace Up

Cute Baby Clothes Under $15

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Now that I'm a stay at home mom I'm more aware of prices(my husband is rolling his eyes if he's reading this I'm sure), but I at least try.  I find myself buying far more clothing for Graham than I do for myself.  Let's be honest, they grow out of clothing in the blink of an eye, so I really don't want to spend a lot of money on something he'll only wear a few times(and stain with a blow out...just being real).

Since we're in Chicago and it's officially fall I keep Graham in comfy, warm(now), and easy to change clothing.  He's spending the majority of his days on the floor rolling around and being licked to death by Boone.  So these are a few of my favorite inexpensive finds for boys and girls.  

Old Navy

I just purchased these from Old Navy( I bought the solid navy as well) and I absolutely love them.  They're so soft and stretch out enough to easily get over his head.  I've been really happy with the clothing I've purchased for him from Old Navy.  It washes well and is very soft.  

Check out this cute version for a girl.  I love the ruffles!


Cat & Jack is the new baby/toddler line at Target and I LOVE everything I've grabbed by them for G.  It's so soft, sizing is pretty true, and doesn't shrink a ton after washing/drying(40 million times).  Plus it's basic, and doesn't have words written all over it, which I prefer.  

Graham wore this onesie the other day and it was so cozy.  The buttons at the neck make it easy to get on and off as well.

I've got these bodysuits in my cart(they were sold out of his size at our Target), and they're insanely soft.  Why they say "girls" puzzles me, because they're definitely gender neutral.  This little set is in my cart as well, I love this particular elephant print, it's different than all the others.

This little baby girl Cat & Jack onesie is precious and floral, right on trend for fall.  


So I had no clue how wonderful Carter's clothing actually is until recently.  My SIL was telling me about how well it holds up.   I grabbed a few things for Graham and they're quickly becoming my favorites to put him, especially for sleep.  My only semi complaint, is that the line seems to run a bit small.  However, they're is a HUGE difference in the 6M vs. the 9M.  

I love this cotton zip up.  Homeboy has recently decided he wants to roll and fight being turned when we dress him for bed.  So the quicker I can get him in something the happier we both are, so zip ups are key!  This one works for boys or girls, it's sweet.  

Baby Gap Factory

I am sure I am way late in discovering you can shop the Gap Factory store online.  I love regular baby Gap, but sometimes they're a little pricey, at least at this age because he seems to be growing and changing so quickly.  

I purchased this adorable hoodie onesie a few weeks ago and it's one of the softest pieces of clothing.  I was worried about how I would feel about the hood and if it would bother him, but it's not too bulky and he doesn't seem to mind.

Love this sweet floral onesie for girls.  I think ivory looks so pretty on babies.

Easy Makeup Post Baby

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You know me and makeup, we go together like peanut butta and jelly, the ying to my yang...you get the point.  So after having G it was no different, I wanted to have my "face fixed" no matter how little or much sleep I was going on, as it makes me feel "normal."  The feeling of being "normal" was a constant thing for me those first few weeks.  After I had Graham I didn't feel "normal" for several weeks.  I had a bit of the baby blues and will talk about this in an upcoming post.  Even though all these feelings were absolutely "normal" you don't feel like yourself for quite sometime.  So I tried to do all I could do to make me feel a bit more normal, and for me that's wearing makeup!

I'm working on an eye makeup post coming up, eye skin care and makeup is a separate entity of its own. 

My 5 Favorite Products

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue  

I love this product, because it goes on so smoothly and quickly.  I put it on like moisturizer and it rubs in perfectly.  I prefer a bit more coverage and more of a matte look, so I layer powder on top.

DiorSkin Nude Air Powder

I think this powder if a great setting powder with a little bit of coverage.  I read reviews that it's not great for oily skin, so maybe stay away from it if that's the case for you.  However, it seems to work really well with my skin(which is more combo) and no break outs!  I'll swipe this on quickly after I apply the Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer.

MAC Minerlize Powder in Golden

I have fallen IN LOVE with this product.  I use it as a bronzer and it makes all the difference.  It's not too dark, and is more of a light golden powder.  Bronzers can tend to look "dirty" or muddy on my fair skin, so I have found this is the perfect color.  The girl at MAC said she preferred using a darker powder as a bronzer instead, I now know why.

MAC Blush in Melba

The BEST contour blush!  It's the perfect color and I find it so easy to use to lightly contour.  If I actually tried to contour I would probably look like I was wearing war paint and about to go to war.  I lightly brush this color along my jaw line and it gives a nice blush/bronze color, it's not too muddy.

Dior Mascara

It's still my favorite mascara.  I've tried so many different mascaras and I always go back to this one.  I love the brush, how it separates my lashes, and the volume it gives my lashes.  I've got larger eyes, so if I don't have anything on them I look a bit "buggy."  I think some mascaras don't coat or give my lashes enough volume that I still have to wear eyeliner.  This is the only mascara I've found that I can use without eyeliner..does this make sense? 



Hospital Bag Essentials

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When I was pregnant I loved reading these type of posts.  So I thought it would be nice to see what my must haves and items I never used for the hospital.  And if you know someone who's pregnant, these are nice gifts to receive.

First off my bag.  I LOVE the canvas bags, and have 2, one for us and one for Graham.  I bought mine from LL Bean and my parents gave Graham one from Lands Ends.  I must admit I prefer the Lands End one, it's a much softer material.  We have used them both a ton, for traveling and going to the beach, I recommend the zip top!

My Essentials

Belly Band:  Funny story!  I had heard about these prior to having a baby, but didn't order one.  Then a nurse tech came in the hospital room the day I had Graham and told me in her Puerto Rican accent, "you want flat belly?!"  "you need a belly band!"  Well I'm a sales person's dream, and of course I purchased one that day.  

I loved it and began using it the third day after birth(only because I didn't have it in the hospital).  I ordered a small, you want it to be tight, but able to fasten(I had to work hard those first few days to fasten it).  Not only does it make your stomach feel more normal, but it supports your back.  I wasn't used to toting 7.5lbs around all day everyday.

I think it really did help my stomach muscles and hips work their way back into place.  I used it for about a month/ month and a half after having G.

Nursing Tanks:  I lived in these nursing tanks from Target in the hospital and the first few weeks.  If you are BF you nurse so often those first few days and weeks it's easier to have these on layered underneath a wrap or jacket.  I've continued to love them though, and sleep in them nightly.  

*side note, I even wore the black one under a blazer when R and I grabbed a drink one night when my MIL was watching G the second week.

Boppy:  I loved having my nursing pillow in the hospital.  I read mixed reviews on this prior, but I hated using 40 hospital pillows to get the right position.  Plus in my opinion, it's nice to have the LC show you how to get your baby to latch on the pillow you'll be using at home.

Your Sleeping Pillow:  Essential!  I did not have mine and wish I would have, not that you sleep a ton or soundly in the hospital, but it's more comforting to have the comforts of home.  Also, get your hubby to bring his pillow as well.

Maternity Workout Pants:  I didn't have a C-section, but I rolled the maternity band down anyway. These were my favorite pants throughout pregnancy and I loved them the first month postpartum.  I personally wasn't a fan of the robe, it made me feel "sickish."  I preferred to be in normal clothing to make me feel a bit more normal.  

*Also, I LOVED my Lululemon high rise pants, and wore them as well in the hospital.  Thank the lawd for spandex!

Hanes Undies:  Talk about granny panties!  I used these over the thin undies the hospital provides.  It made me feel more comfortable.  I think I ordered a Medium in these and I just rolled the waist band down to where I was comfortable.

Comfy PJ's:  I did change into PJ's at night to make me feel more "normal."  These were perfect, the waist wasn't too tight, and they were great for nursing, and having my vitals checked every 4 hrs.

Snacks:  These came in handy the second night(which apparently is this unspoken horrific night in baby world).  When Graham decided he only wanted to sleep in our arms and R and I were terrified of falling asleep while holding him we began eating trail mix and granola bars.  Also, nursing is so exhausting at first, they're sucking the life out of you(literally) and it's so important to keep your calorie intake up so you're not completely drained.  

Baby Blanket:  I had my mom and MIL go out and purchase a baby blanket to layer on him when we came home.  Clearly not needed if you're in a hot climate or have a baby in the middle of the summer.  HOWEVER, we live in Chicago, and it was in the 40's and rainy the day we came home from the hospital.

Things I Didn't Use

-Outfits for Graham:  I think people are different about this, but homeboy was literally in a diaper, hat, and his hospital swaddle blanket our entire stay.  They check their stats so often, and you change their diapers all the time, I personally found clothing to be pointless.  SO, all the outfits I packed for him did not get used.  However he did come home in a precious Kissy Kissy onesie, their clothing is SO soft. 

Outfits for Me:  Of course I thought I'd be dressed in all different types of outfits during the day for visitors, HA!  Who am I kidding, my tail was in a nursing tank and yoga pants all day, everyday.

Nursing Pads:  You seasoned mamas already know this, but with your first baby it takes a few days for your milk to come in.  SO were useless in the hospital.

Maternity Pants

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Pregnancy style is no easy task these days, although I'm really not sure it was ever easy.  I try and wear as many of my regular shirts as I can, but the selection is getting more and more sparse to fit this belly.  Length is key, I find that as long as I have a little elastic and a good amount of length I'm golden.  

My favorite pregnancy pants have been these 4 guys, they're in constant rotation throughout my wardrobe.  

ASOS Leather Like Leggings:  I love these, they're probably my favorite of the 4.  First off, they're super affordable and secondly they really do look like leather.  I purchased them early on and have received so many compliments on them.  People ask me if they make a non maternity version and they do, click here!  I plan to buy the non maternity version post April.  

*sizing:  I purchased a size 4 in the maternity legging

Ingrid and Isabel Be Maternity for Target:  These yoga pants are my go to pants each night after work.  I love the full band and tightness of the leggings.  I ordered an XS and have been really happy with them as my belly has grown.  At first they were really tight, but they seem to stretch out a bit with each wear(not too much though).

AG Jegging Jeans:  I love the color of these jeans, but I don't care for how thin the fabric.  The flip-side of that is a thicker denim which has less elastic.  Let's just say you NEED elastic as your pregnancy progresses.  Or you end up like me a month ago trying to get these birthing hips into jeans and hear a rip...elastic is your friend.

*sizing:  I purchased the 26(I'm typically a 25) and am happy with that size now, but in the very beginning it was too big.  AG's stretch a lot, so just be prepared.

7 For All of Mankind Pointe Black Pants:  EVERY pregnant woman should own these, they've been amazing!  Since they're pointe the black doesn't fade and they can be worn casually or dressed up; if you're pregnant BUY them, seriously, you won't regret it.

*sizing:  I purchased the 25, which is my pre-pregnancy size and have been really happy with the sizing.

Major Life Update

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Getcha reading eyes ready for a big ole update on our life, and what's new!

Did you think I fell off the face of the planet?  Well I didn't quite, but jeez has it been a crazy ride the last 8 months.  Moving to Chicago, getting PREGNANT, and starting a new job all at once has been an interesting hand of cards.  So where do I start to update you about all this newness?  Let's start with Chicago!

The view from our rooftop deck...which is closed in the winter of course, this was taken back in Sept.

So last time I blogged we had just moved to to city and to our temporary housing.  We moved into our apartment shortly after in late June.  We LOVE our building and area, it's brand new, we were some of the first people to move into the building.  We still don't have neighbors beside us, which I am not complaining about(watch someone move in beside us tomorrow).  I posted some pictures below to give you a feel. 

We're on the 28th floor and have beautiful floor to ceiling windows all around, Boone hates them!  He will slowly creep up to them, but he still remains 2 feet away from the window itself.  It must play tricks with his viewpoint and eyes.  

Chicago is a great city, it's finally beginning to feel like home.  Several months ago I thought I was on the verge of a breakdown, I was so homesick, not for NC or SC; but for a home!  I think it was the pregnancy hormones, new job, and adjustments to everything all at once.  However, now I love Chicago, and honestly was excited to get back after the holidays.  

Onto Pregnancy...well there's not much to say there, but more to show.  This belly is getting bigger by the day!  I'm 32 weeks and the baby's movements are more like kicks, jabs, punches, flips, etc.  The other morning I truly shouted out loud I was so startled by little bits movements.  Rob and I joke about having an alien inside of me, because my stomach looks like bambino is going to break out of there Men in Black style.  

I've felt great, little to no morning sickness whatsoever, and generally a good dose of energy.  My muscles are beginning to get sore and ache a bit every now and then, but that seems to be something most women experience at this point.  Sleeping is pretty good, although not great.  I'm at the point that when I roll over I have to actively wake myself up, and it takes a few good grunts and sighs to get to other side.  I can't live without my pregnancy pillow though, it's been a life saver!  

I'm referring to our baby as baby, little bit, bambino, and yes even "it" sometimes, because we didn't find out the sex!  All of you are probably in shock now, seeing that everyone finds out the sex these days.  Our ultrasound tech said over 90% of patients find out the sex.  We think it's the only true surprise in life, and hell, let's be honest they're in onesies for the first few months anyways.  Our nursery is gender neutral regardless, I may order a pink or blue throw when he or she arrives.

I must admit, when we first saw the ultrasound I told Rob "I want to know!"  I had said for years I didn't want to know, yada, yada, yada, but when I became pregnant it was a total game-changer.  Fast forward to now, we decided not to find out, and I couldn't be more excited.  I have ZERO intuition as to what I'm having(hopefully that's not a bad sign), and couldn't be more thrilled to have a healthy baby with 10 fingers and 10 toes!  It's hilarious to hear people guess, I must say not many people are guessing girl these days, but who knows, that'll probably change next week.

Soooo good to catch up with you, I'm hoping to be able to blog more routinely in the coming weeks!





What I'm Watching

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In the last month we've had a little time to watch some TV.  All of this is about to come to a quick halt when we move into our apartment tomorrow!!!  I've listed my favorite 3 shows below, let me know if you have any other recommendations! 

Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie is a new show on Netflix that I am absolutely obsessed with, it's HILARIOUS!!!!!  The cast is star studded, Jane Fonda, Martin Sheen, Lily Tomlin, Brooklyn Decker, and Sam Waterson just to name a few.  It's a short series, with 13 episodes each lasting less then 30 minutes.  It's an easy series to watch, so check it out + they just renewed it for a second season 🙌

can we talk about her hair...maybe just a little too much volume, maybe...

can we talk about her hair...maybe just a little too much volume, maybe...

Chrissy Knows Best 

Don't just me.  Lets just pause for a minute and talk about how absurd this show is and how I love every part of its absurdity.  He has the best one liners!  R and I watch this show and crack up the entire time.  The grandma, Faye, is just about as hilarious as Todd Chrisley. 

Chef's Table

Don't watch this show hungry.  The very first episode captures your stomach, and makes you want to travel all around the world, savoring every bite of food.  I found the show on Netflix, and it features top chefs and restaurants throughout the world.  The first episode takes place in Chef Massimo Bottura's restaurant, Osteria Francescana, ranked #3 restaurant in the world.  Must. go. to. Italy. now. 

Weekend Recap

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Best weekend evaaaa!!!!  How can a weekend go badly when you start it off with the best(that i've tasted so far) Chicago Deep Dish pizza, oh my gah!  So delicious!  So let me give you the play by play on this moment.  We first tried to go to Lou Malnati's which is down the street from us, after seeing 50 people waiting outside and being told the wait was 1 hour and 45 minutes we decided to flag a cab and make our way up to Lincoln Park to try Pequod's.

So the wait at Pequod's was 45 minutes, which was fine, we grabbed a beer and just stood and waited as we saw and smelled all the pizzas.  It seemed that the majority of the crowd was local, which in my opinion is ALWAYS a good sign.  Luckily for us two people got up from the bar and I ran over and snagged the seats.  We went ahead and ordered an app as well as our pizza(which we ordered a small pizza and that was PLENTY). 

It was worth the cab ride, the wait, and every penny...this pizza was INCREDIBLE, absolutely delicious!  We kept it simple, which I recommend, pepperoni and sausage.  R's parents are coming up this weekend and I see Pequod's in our future :)

Saturday we headed to walk around Navy Pier with every other human in Chicago.  It's about a 20 minute walk from our current apartment, and definitely worth going to walk around.  Next time I would go early in the morning before the mobs of people take over.  

Afterwards we headed to Wrigley for a Cubs/Reds game!!!  I surprised R for our anniversary with tickets to the game, which was a great experience.  

The red line runs straight to Wrigley, the Addison stop, it's super convenient, hence why every other person in the world is on the train.  This is how the train looked after it thinned out a bit.  Prior to this I was smashed up against people telling myself to remain calm and breathe, luckily everyone smelled ok, otherwise I might have had a slight panic attack.

Our seats were incredible, R was in heaven!  This was our view prior to the rain and lightening rolling in, which caused a 2 hour and 45 minute rain delay 👎  BUT we found two seats under the covered area and they put the Blackhawks game on the jumbo-tron 👍

and the Blackhawks won!!!


Next up on the agenda, our 1 year anniversary!  R had the perfect day planned.  He surprised me with an afternoon at the Trump Spa.  We spent the day being pampered with mimosas, chocolate covered strawberries, infinity soaking tubs, massages, and champagne...it was luxurious and an absolute treat!  

After we took plenty of time at the spa, we headed back to our apartment to get ready for dinner at Mexique!  It's Mexican fusion(it's French inspired) done oh so well.  Chef Carlos Gaytan has been on Top Chef, which I don't watch because I haven't had cable, but I believe he was one of the final four.  Mexique is in the Noble Square area, and we took Lyft there(similar to Uber if you've not used it, but they have a ton of first time promotional deals).

I should have taken a picture of the menu to better describe each dish, but I did not...so just check out the pictures.  Every part of our meal was delicious.  I highly recommend Mexique!

We started with two appetizers, the ceviche and a braised pork dish. Both were delicious, but we both preferred the ceviche, it was a type of tuna with compressed octopus, the flavors of the dish were incredible!

Onto our main dishes, R ordered the lamb, I ordered the duck.  We would both order the same dishes again.  The duck just fell off the bone, duck leg confit success! 

We finished the evening with dessert, Tres Leches!  One of the most delicious desserts I've ever had at a restaurant.  

All in all, an AMAZING WEEKEND!!!

Rug Obsessed

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Happy Wednesday friends!  This week has been a great first week as we start our new life in Chicago.  R is loving his new job, and I have done a good bit of exploring, each day I've gone a little further than the day before in my exploration around the city.  I think I may take the L-train up to Lincoln Park today, they have the best little shops and cafes!  

In between my trips out I've been obsessing over rugs, yes rugs.  I think rugs make the biggest difference in a home/apartment.  Since our apartment has hardwoods throughout(heck yes!) I want to have plenty of rugs throughout to warm the space up and make it feel a bit more homey.  Also, all our rugs are going to be indoor/outdoor rugs!  My cousin swears by Dash and Albert, and I found them to have one of the largest indoor/outdoor collections.  

2) Guest Bath Rug-side note, I love rugs in front of vanities in the bathroom.  Everyone concentrates on bath mats and they're missing the ball.  Put a 2X3(if it's a small or average size bathroom) in front of the vanity and get a white bath mat towel and use that instead.  

3)Master Bath Rug-I just can't make up my mind on a rug for our bathroom.  Lulu & Georgia has some great indoor/outdoor rugs as well, and what I like about them is their size.  There smallest size is 2x4, and I like having a little extra length.   This is my favorite so far for our bath.


Enjoy your day!!