Weekend Recap

by Emily Satzger in

This past weekend was so much fun.  Chrissy and I took an awesome food/cocktail tour through Charleston and loved every moment.  I say this all the time, but Charleston truly has so many amazing restaurants, and we checked several in 48 hours.


On Friday night we went to Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan's Island.  The interior and decor of the restaurant blew me away, it's perfectly decorated.  As you will see I have zero pictures, because I had an epic iPhone fail and none of my pictures were saved(blogger problems)!  We each started with the same cocktail, a gin drink that was delicious, and then moved on to small plates.  We ordered the NC Apple Salad, light and yummy, as well as the Shrimp Roll.  The shrimp roll was delicious, but a small plate better suited for lunch than dinner in my opinion.  After consuming our small plates and starting off with a bottle of red wine we moved on to splitting a pizza, The Moultrie, house made pepperoni and Mebkin Abby mushrooms, divine!


On to Saturday's food tour...

Three words Xiao Bao Biscuit!  AMAZING!  Truly my favorite meal/experience of the weekend.  Super low key, but nicely decorated, and easily accessible...our waitress was incredibly helpful in pointing us in the right direction. 

Cocktails:  Hanoi 75 and Sun Wukong, The Hanoi 75 was each of our favorites.  Chrissy started out with the Sun Wukong, a spicy tequilla drink that was just that, and a bit too spicy.

I had heard so many good things about the Okonomiyaki, a shredded cabbage pancake, and it did not disappoint, it was amazing my friends, probably one of the best foods I have ever tasted.  We ordered it with a side of bacon, and I would definitely do that again, it worked well with the sweetness of the cabbage.


Next up, the Som Tum with Chicken, black bean encrusted chicken with spicy papaya salad and rice, insane! 

Both dishes were delicious, and I would order them both again, but the Okonomiyaki was truly amazing and I would recommend ordering it regardless!  I am planning on a date night out with R so he can experience all this deliciousness too!


After eating to our stomach's desire we hit King St. up for some shopping.  We ended our shopping spree at Cos Bar, we are like kids in a candy store there, makeup heaven!

Our dinner reservations were at The Ordinary, one of our favorite restaurants that we couldn't wait to share with Chrissy. 

I love the atmosphere at The Ordinary, it's not quite by any means, but lively and fun.  Our favorite way to experience dinner at most restaurants is through small plates, which is the BEST way to eat at The Ordinary.

We started out with drinks of course, I had The Eclipse(it's not on the menu so ask for it)it's one of the best tequila cocktails, not too sweet, which is key for me.  Next up, the Smoked Oysters and the Wahoo Crudo.  The Smoked Oysters were probably my favorite small plate, the flavor is amazing.

This hot sauce is amazing, I was tempted to take the bottle but our nice waiter gave me some to go.

The Oyster Sliders don't look like much, but they have you fooled because they're the bomb.com, yep you read correctly!  They come on Hawaiian bread, homemade, you can taste the coconut flakes, so good.  Love hot sauce??  Keep the hot sauce from the smoked oysters on the table and add it to the sliders, you can thank me later.

We tried the Blue Crab Toast next, a new small plate for R and me, and a new favorite.  Light and refreshing, it was the perfect small plate after the heavier sliders.

Our final small plates were perfect finishers, Baked Oysters and BBQ Shrimp on Toast.  The sauce the bbq shrimp are in makes you want way more toast.  I loved the baked oysters as well, but I think the smoked oysters were better.

No perfect Saturday night out is complete without stopping for a nightcap and icecream.  We had a drink at one of our favorite bars downtown, The Belmont.  I am not a "clubbing" type of person.  I prefer to go to a bar that has a good wine list and a great cocktail selection where you can hear each other.

I ordered the Bells of Jalieco, a slightly spicy tequila cocktail, it was delicious.

The Belmont always has black and white movies playing, this time the movie had one of my favorite actresses, Ava Gardner, a NC native as well!

Check out these drinks...my drink is in the center, it has a pickled green bean in it, I must admit the green bean was a bit odd.

All in all it was a fun and yummy weekend, no complaints!