Favorite Charleston Bar

by Emily Satzger in

Every Wednesday from now until Easter I have conversion classes downtown at the Cathedral.  So, I usually head home but when I saw traffic was at a standstill on the bridge and my gas light was on(I always wait till it comes on, I know it's horrible for my car, but I HATE going to the gas station) I decided to turn around and change up my plans before my meeting, and I think I just found my new routine for every Wednesday evening. 

My favorite area of King Street is referred to as "Lower King", which I qualify as the area south of Market St.  This area is quieter, contains more art galleries, beautiful homes, and just has a little bit more charm.  So last night I stepped into a quaint wine and cheese bar, Bin 152.  They have individual wines and amazing cheeses and meats.  If I were to have a "last supper" it would probably be something along the lines of wine, bread, charcuterie and cheese.

Table for one, please.

Table for one, please.

I treated myself to a glass of Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2013.  It wasn't too grassy and had the right amount of citrus, a great white wine for fall days that are just starting to cool off.


This was a ton of food, you can't tell from the picture but the bread is stacked in three towers, it might have been an entire loaf!  Plenty of food for one and a generous amount to share with two people as well.

Finished the night up at this beautiful place.   When I am outside standing in the garden looking at the Cathedral you get a "holy" feeling, stops you in your tracks if you let it and makes you just stand silently for a moment.  Could be another reason why Charleston is referred to as the "holy city."