Pinterest Favorites

by Emily Satzger in

Pinterest is my jam and guilty pleasure.  For me it's so many things...gets my creative juices flowing(what little I have), it's a escape from reality(ever so briefly), inspires outfits, sparks what little craftiness I have within, gives me recipes, and helps me continue to dream and aspire.  Here are some of my current favorite "Pins"  check them out...

1)  T-shirt:  Regardless of if you like Beyonce or not, she's a hell of a business woman and smart enough to surround herself with a incredible team...and she's worked hard at becoming what she is for years, years folks!  This t-shirt is a nice little reminder.

2) Gift Wrap:  My family has always picked a wrapping theme each year, we all start to browse for our own theme months prior to Christmas.  I love this wrapping theme, the green, black and gold may be my wrapping theme this year.

3)NYC:  'nough said!  No, in all seriousness I love NY and came across this picture and couldn't get over its beauty.

4)Outfit:  Leather, plaid, grey, and gold= heaven in an outfit.  I am jonesing for a pair of leather leggings, I keep scouring TJ Maxx in Mount Pleasant for a super discounted pair.  This plaid scarf is perfect, plaid scarves are such a classic, but somehow I don't have this classic?!

5) Art:  Y'all this picture's medium is pencil!!!  Paul Cadden's artwork is amazing, mind blown!

6) Pumpkins:  I love all things pumpkin, but these pumpkins are especially inspiring.  I may take my some paint and spray paint to my current fairy tale pumpkins.

7) Mountain Chic:  That's what I like to call this look.  I am loving the look of the baseball cap with an outfit, gives it an urban feel.

8) Food:  Um...broccoli isn't my favorite.  As a young child I would only eat it if it were covered in cheese, but as I've gotten older and my taste buds have matured(ha!) this recipe looks yummy, healthy, and simple.