Lipstick and Lip Gloss

by Emily Satzger in

I am embarrassed to admit how many lipsticks/lip glosses I own, it's my weakness.  Guys have several golf clubs for one game right, why can't we have several lipsticks(I am sticking to that comparison regardless of if it makes any sense).  Hear my reasoning, lipsticks can give you a completely different look in one swoop!  Wearing a nude gloss vs. a deep matte burgundy= casual day vs. drama night.  Lipstick is one of those things that makes me feel pretty and put together as soon as I put it on, it's so simple and can make the biggest difference in my attitude.

Check out my current favorite lipsticks and lip glosses.

I purchased this lipstick the other weekend to wear to a wedding and it's gorgeous!  It's a high pigment lipstick, the color stays on for hours!  I bought "Anita" but I am in love with the nude rose and as well.

I've owned this lipstick for years, it's a semi gloss, so not too pigmented and more of a natural color.  Chanel has always been my go to for lipstick, and a fun side note they all smell like roses, an added bonus!

As much as I love to wear color in a lipstick, this is a grab and go gloss that can make all the difference.  I will put this gloss on sans makeup just to seem a bit more put together.  It has a slight pink hue, and plumps your lips(ok maybe not, but the tingle makes you think you suddenly have Angelina Jolie lips). 

This was my bridal portrait lipstick, the perfect pink.  It's named "magnolia"(fitting for the south) and has just enough pink to look like you're wearing something but still appear natural. 

When it comes to less expensive lip gloss I have been extremely happy with L'Oreal colour riche le gloss, works perfectly!  I love how a gloss feels on my lips(sometimes lipstick can dry my lips out if I am not consistently re-applying).  This gloss has a good amount of pigment, so it gives the effect of wearing a lipstick and gloss together, genius!  I own the Red Ravishing, and think it's a good pop of red(it has more orange than blue in the red if you're wondering).

Have a favorite, let me know...I am always game for trying a new lip stick and lip gloss!