Charleston Eateries to Try

by Emily Satzger in

I was driving home tonight and came across three restaurants, brand new(new to me at least) to Charleston and it got me thinking of all the other places I am dying to try.  One of my good friends, who is always a fellow foodie(thank goodness) is visiting us this weekend and I plan to drag her to as many restaurants as our stomachs will allow.

Check out my current "must try list."

Minero, top of the list and probably the newest on the list.  Sean Brock, the mastermind behind McCradys and Husk, newest creation.  As a true lover of all Mexican food I am dying to try it, and love the fact they serve canned beer in handmade koozies and chips in the prettiest "pockets".

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Next up, 167 Raw, I think it's such a cool seats 7, yes you read correctly, 7!  It's a restaurant and seafood market all in one, with two locations Charleston and Nantucket.  The lobster rolls and fish tacos look right up my alley.

Obstinate Daughter, quite possibly the best name, and even better on Sullivan's Island, just two miles from our house.  I have reservations there Friday night, and can't wait, I made the reservation a month out!  The pizzas look delicious and I've been told I must order the peppers, best part the dessert shop is below!

I still haven't been to Leon's Oyster Shop!  R and I do a really good job of eating in as much as possible, but I would love to go one evening during the work week to change it up.  They have rose' on tap, need I say more?! 

We are so lucky to leave in a relatively small city with so many amazing restaurants opening weekly.  Have any of my fellow local wino's seen this article, get excited!  Now off to bed so I can wake up early to work out, and enjoy eating at these delicious restaurants.  Hopefully I'll be able to report on some of them on Monday!