Weekend Recap

by Emily Satzger in

Well I'm officially on a food cleanse/detox, not actually, but jeez after this weekend I need to seriously consider this as an option.  We had a great weekend eating/drinking our way around town.  I must say my favorite night was cooking at the house.  It's nice to stay at home, cook a gourmet meal and drink wine.  It's something we do often, but not in a relaxed way, usually I am just getting home from work on Saturday nights so the last thing I want to do is cook.  However, when you have the majority of the day(and several hands) it's much more enjoyable.


Thursday night we went to Obstinate Daughter for dinner.  It was my second time there and everyone else' first.  Other than our waitress, who was business only and never cracked a smile(what's wrong with people!!!!).  The food was absolutely delicious and the atmosphere is on point.  

I got the papperdelle which was perfect, homemade pasta(one of my favorite things in the world), with a light sauce and housemate Italian sausage and tomatoes.  The dish was light and fresh, the sauce didn't over power the flavors of the dish.

After dinner we went below the restaurant to the Captain's Beard, a gelato bar.  I got the pistachio and pumpkin, both flavors were good, but the pistachio beat out the pumpkin this go around.

I highly recommend to make a reservation(a month out, no joke) if you're looking for places to eat in the Charleston area.  

Friday, R and my in laws met me downtown at O-Ku, our favorite sushi spot in Charleston.  Thankfully we all LOVE sushi.  If you're a local, their Happy Hour can not be beat, 1/2 all specialty rolls and $3 off all cocktails.  I think the Happy Hour is only M,W,F from 5-7, it's the only time R and I go, otherwise it's ridiculously expensive.

My favorite roll this time, was the scallop roll, but the kobe beef roll and snapper roll were close seconds.

One thing my father in law always does when he's in town is re-stock our bar.  He loves to always try new scotches, bourbons and wines, and you hear no complaints from R and me!  We always head to Bottles, our favorite liquor and wine store in Mount Pleasant.  

Saturday night, R and my father in law made me do a taste test.  R bet me if I couldn't tell the difference in Trader Joe's 3 buck chuck and two other more expensive bottles, I would have to buy Trader Joe's wine $3 buck chuck from here on out.  He should have never doubted these taste buds!

R and his dad cooked the best beef tenderloin roast Saturday night, they smoked it on our BGE for several hours, and it was perfect!  My mother in law and I made garlic/rosemary sweet potato fries and a shaved brussel sprout salad.  R and my father in law picked up lobster from a church fundraiser downtown Saturday morning and we cooked it perfectly that night.  We never have lobster, but now that we know how to cook it properly we will definitely purchase it more often.

Check out that smorgasbord...

Sunday we woke up to a rainy cloudy morning, so we sat around, drank our coffee and enjoyed being in our pjs, perfect weather for those activities!  The weather cleared out by noon and we ran a few errands and headed to our favorite Sunday brunch spot, Hometeam BBQ on Sullivan's.  

Painkiller perfection!

R was able to watch the Cowboy's game, a must on Sundays, and thankfully they won!

We had such a great weekend with my in laws, and hate to see them go, especially Boone, he gets so depressed when they leave.  Now, we're off to start this Monday, thankful to be able to do so, but I'm already looking forward to the weekend!


Happy Monday!!