Clean Eating

by Emily Satzger in

So I try to eat pretty healthy, but lately I have been craving some clean eating after all my indulging.  It's so important to eat healthy, but it's even more important to have a healthy view of eating.  Food is something that should be enjoyed and savored, and used as fuel for our bodies.

So many people who do cross-fit also follow a way of eating refereed to as Paleo.  Paleo is primarily no grains, legumes, artificial sugar, zero processed foods, tree nuts only, no dairy, and only organic/free range/grass fed meat.

I've attempted to follow this diet lasted a week.  There's SO much planning and if you're not planning out each meal it's almost impossible.  Also, I don't like eggs, which make Paleo super hard in the mornings.  I'm not saying I want to follow strict Paleo, but I would like to attempt to eat on a "cleaner" basis.

Check out this chart for a simplified version of Paleo...


There are so many awesome and clean recipes out there.  I'm going to the grocery tonight to get ingredients for the following recipes...


These Thai turkey meatballs look so good.  I could eat Thai food everyday!

I've tried to pin this recipe on Pinterest multiple times before.  It's simple, with all ingredients I love.  

Ok, this is where this girl runs into trouble, pasta, the best food group on the planet in my opinion, that's right it's a food group in my mind.  People swear by spaghetti squash as a decent substitute to pasta.  I've wanted to make this paleo take on carbonara 

One recipe I do make, and it's actually one of R's favorite recipes is this loaded stuffed sweet potato!  It's delicious, a little time consuming, but what recipe that's good isn't?!

Ok, I plan to make these this week and will let you know how they go!