Friday Favorites

by Emily Satzger in

Yay, we've made it through the week!!  Anyone else share the same sentiment?!  My in laws flew in yesterday, and we're so excited to have them down and take them on a food tour of Charleston.  We did Obstinate Daughter last night and it was so delicious!  


1. Favorite Music:  Every-time this song comes on I jack up the volume and blast it through the car or our house.  R loves the song as well, Coldplay never disappoints!

2. Favorite Drink:  Is anyone else a fan of moscow mules?!  I recently had one at The Greenbrier with fresh cranberry juice.  The ginger beer with the other flavors make for the perfect fall drink, not to mention the pretty copper mug it's served in.  This recipe seems to be the PERFECT fall drink!

3. Favorite Item:  I purchased this top this week, and I LOVE it!  Not to mention it's Duke blue, did y'all know I am a huge Duke fan(I'm not obnoxious, promise!).  Basketball season is just around the corner :)

4.  Favorite Recipe:  We're cooking on the BGE(big green egg) tomorrow night and my mother in law and myself are in charge of sides.  I've made this salad before from Designer Bags and Dirty Diaper's website and it was so good, R and I went back for seconds and thirds!

5. Favorite Moment:  This weekend is supposed to be beautiful, and I love my in laws so having them down for several days is a treat.