Our Thanksgiving

by Emily Satzger in

So R and I were by ourselves this Thanksgiving, and it was kind of nice.  We both work the day before and after(hello Black Friday and retail) so it's just too much to travel elsewhere for one day.  So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on ingredients, slaving away for hours, and throwing half of the food away 4 days later we decided to make reservations and have Thanksgiving lunch out. 


Not many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving, but we had heard Oak Steakhouse is known for their Thanksgiving menu, and let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS!  Of course nothing can beat my Grandma's stuffing, but everything else was cooked to perfection.  


We started with the butternut squash bisque.  It was the perfect way to start our meal, because it was so rich we only wanted a few bites and it filled our stomachs just enough to keep us from devouring our main meal.

On to the main course...which was comprised of turkey, cooked perfectly, stuffing, turkey confit(cooked in duck fat for 24 hours, ah-mazing), sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and brussel sprouts!

So I plan a Thanksgiving outfit every year.  It's a special occasion and worth getting dressed for in my opinion.  Please note, I immediately threw on my Lululemon right after R snapped this pictures.  My stomach needed some spandex desperately!

I wrote about these shoes last week, and they are so comfortable!  Truly, they're some of the most comfortable heels I own, and they look great with jeans!  The color and heel height is perfect!  They are on sale for $64 and an additional 10% off + free shipping today!  I am true to size and am a 7 in this heel.

I am wearing my J Brand Maria's which are on sale today, 25% off!  Use the code CYBER2014 

Some of my favorite necklaces, Twine and Twig, are running 25% off today as well!  I seriously wear them all the time, they look great with everything!

This blazer is a few years old, but it's J.Crew's schoolboy blazer.  It's one of my favorite blazers, it's a classic fit and wool, which is nice to have the extra weight for Fall and Winter.  My blazer is from the J.Crew store and 30% off today!, but they have one at the Factory store as well, my mom loves the one from J.Crew Factory, and I am in love with the camel colorway.

Our evening was finished with just like this, comfy clothes, football and vino!

Hope you each had a Happy Thanksgiving!  Can y'all believe it's December 1st today?!!!  AH!  I've got to start my Christmas shopping asap!