The Perfect Christmas Tree

by Emily Satzger in

I felt like we were so late in searching for our Christmas tree this year.  We've been so busy thus far in December that this week was the first opportunity we've had to get our decorations out, lights up outside, and put up a Christmas tree!

Thankfully I checked with my cousin, Cayce, who live in town as well and asked her where they get their tree each year.  Back-story, Cayce and I have always gotten our trees from an area around our grandparent's mountain house in Newland, NC.  So neither one of us is used to paying a lot if anything for a tree, much less buying a non freshly cut tree.

Anyway, we went to Boone Hall Farms, because they have the best pricing around!  The last two years we've paid $85-$95 for a 7ft or 8ft Christmas tree, ridiculous!  Last night we paid $45 for what's probably the best tree we've had yet.  Boone Hall also has tons of great produce for next to nothing, so I grabbed zucchini, squash, grapefruits, sweet potatoes, and broccoli and we got out of there for under $55!  They will also let you take all the greenery you want(for free!), so I grabbed a ton to put on our mantle.

Everyone has a different way of bringing the tree into the house, but I swear this is the easiest way.  Set your stand up, bring the tree in still contained in the netting.  Secure the tree in the stand, pour your water into the stand immediately, and then cut the netting around the tree.  We had the tree secured in the stand in under 10 minutes. 

Check out the mat under this tree.  It's so much better than the blue tarp or trash bags we've used in the past to protect the hardwoods from water.  My mom picked it up for me at Lowes, here's link to one as well from Home Depot.

Right when I started to put the lights on the tree last night, Rudolph came on TV!  It made my decorating evening complete!

Check out this handsome boy and my sad attempt to create a cute picture with all the lights.  It may not be Pinterest worthy, but I think it's pretty cute!  He got several treats for this photo, and the thirty others I tried to take.

The finished product!  I was happy to get the tree up and lights on in one evening.  We will work on the ornaments tonight, usually that takes no time at all.


I've got my first ornament on the tree.  We are selling a few ornaments at work, and I've had my eye on the jelly fish for a while, how pretty is she?!  I have started to collect a few ornaments yearly for our tree, and I couldn't pass this one up!