Outerwear Gift Guide

by Emily Satzger in

I love all things that have to do with cooler weather.  Fall and Winter clothing is my favorite, and I have way too many coats to live in Charleston.  However, none of this keeps me from loving and wanting cool weather clothing and accessories each year.  Check out my favorites this year.

1. Echo always has great products, and I love their scarfs.  They always have a great quality of fabric, that's so soft.  This oversized scarf is a great neutral to add to any outfit for warmth.

2. How beautiful is this vest from J.Crew.  I've featured this vest in different colorways on the blog before, but the saddle is my favorite thus far, and an additional 30% off!

3. So I have a bright coral coat from J.Crew from a few years ago, and it has been one of my favorite coats.  I love the shape of their stadium cloth cocoon coat, and this bright coral is gorgeous.  The sandstone and neon electric flame colors are pretty as well.

4. I love these Mark and Graham leather gloves with your initials in gold.  The burgundy and camel colorways are my fav!

5. You know I love some camo, I when nuts over this camo cashmere beanie.  Too bad Charleston isn't cold enough to warrant this hat. 

6. The cooler it has gotten the more I realize how smart of a purchase these shearling insoles would be, and they're only $25.  I bet they fit most boots too, so I would wear them in more than just my Hunter boots.

7. So the color of this coat looks different online, and I love the color of it on the model!  How pretty would this coat be on every single person!  This light teal would look gorgeous with greys, blacks, browns, reds, oranges, seriously almost every color.