Friday Favorites

by Emily Satzger in

Y'all we are less then two weeks away from Christmas.  Know what that means, Amazon Prime and I are about to become the best of friends!  I have so many people left on our Christmas list.  Since we are now married we have to buy for a lot more peeps, which means I need to get to work!

1. Favorite Music:  This Otis Redding song always gets me in a good mood around the holidays.

2. Favorite Recipe:  We are going to a Christmas dinner get together with friends this weekend and I am responsible for Macaroni and Cheese.  Now if you know me you know my idea of mac and cheese is not Kraft(although, I'm not going to lie I enjoy it if someone makes it). However, I love, love, love this Martha Stewart recipe my step mom makes, it's so legit.

3. Favorite Item:  Hmmm, I did some makeup shopping yesterday(surprise), which I will blog about more next week.  I did purchase this new eye liner and I'm digging it so far.

4. Favorite Drink:  My coffee is tasting pretty good at the moment...but later on this evening I am going to have a glass of this in my hand.  My dear friend Leah went to great efforts to grab me 3 bottles of Dierbierg Pinot Nior for an insane price, and it's probably the best Pinot Nior I've ever tasted. 

5. Favorite Moment:  R lost his grandmother this week, which has been difficult for him and our entire family.  He is such a wonderful person with such a sweet soul, who cares so much for others; and all of this was so apparent to me this week.  Sometimes we know these facts about people, but we often don't stop to think about or concentrate on them.