Workout Clothing and Gear

by Emily Satzger in

So my workout of choice is Crossfit, no I am not one of those annoying people who blows up your news feed posting about how amazing their workout was and what paleo meal they're eating(they annoy me too).  I have been doing Crossfit for 2 years now at an amazing gym with amazing coaches, they are smart and safe about every movement within a workout, very important!  I would never push myself the way they push me every workout, and have found that it works for me.

I am currently trying to get into a morning workout routine, we're talking 6 am folks!!  It's so hard, but worth it when you're done at 7 am and have your entire evening after work.  

The shopper in me justifies consistent workouts with consistent shopping for workout clothing.  I do wear workout clothing all the time, it's the first thing I put on when I get home from work and I usually wear it if I am just "doing around" at the house.

This is my favorite workout tank.  The fabric is soft and the straps are flattering.  The tank has padding already so I don't have to worry about a sports bra.  I hate sports bras, they're uncomfortable and annoying to take on and off.  I'm scared to try Lululemon's sports bras, because I am sure they're comfortable and I will become hooked, like I am with everything else they make.

These are the MOST comfortable shorts in the world!  They are short enough to not get in the way in a workout, but they cover "that" area on my leg which I refuse to believe actually exist, ha!

These pants are great not just for working out.  You can catch me wearing them with boots and tunics in the fall and winter(yes I find multiple uses for workout clothing).  I love the high waist because it holds you in, but you can roll the waist down if it bothers you.

By the way, I love how Lululemon makes clothing to wear "to and from" the gym, or if you're like me to work.  Check out this new vest they just came out with, no one would ever guess it's Lululemon!

I am so excited about THIS collaboration.  I have thought about purchasing a Fitbit, because I stand all day at work and would love to see how many steps I do or don't take.  The design is chic and would blend in perfectly with my other bangles, or look great worn solo.

If you currently do Crossfit you must get these shoes.  They help keep you balanced, which is extremely important and they give you enough support for sprints.  My shoes are two years old(yikes) and I need to purchase a new pair, I love this colorway.

Hydrate!  Hydrate!  Hydrate!  We hear and read about drinking water all the time, and I am guilty of not drinking enough water all the time.  I purchased this CamelBak a year ago and swear it has changed the amount of water I drink.  There is something about having the straw, which makes me drink a lot more water??  Maybe it's mental, who knows, but I drink 2 liters of water a day thanks to this water bottle.

Start the week off right and go work out, then you can dance like Brad Pitt post workout...