Painting Our Banister

by Emily Satzger in

So my cousin has an eye for interior design, and I use her to bounce ideas off of and pick her brain when it comes to decorating.  We were scrolling through Pinterest together and she started talking about painting her banister black, which gave me the idea to paint our banister black.  Side note, we have been in our house for almost two years and have not painted a single wall, sad I know.  Hopefully blogging will inspire me to change this reality.

Our stairway currently

I think I am going to lure her in with a bottle of Chardonnay to help me paint our banister black.  It makes a clean and bold statement, contrasting with the white spindles. 

After I started looking at pictures I realized many people paint the back of their door black as well.  So while we have the black paint out we're going to paint the back of the door too.  I think it will look better and tie in the banister. 

Our front door.

We plan to begin painting next week so stay tuned!