No More Cable For Us

by Emily Satzger

So R and I decided to turn in our cable box for many reasons 1) it saves us almost $2,000 a year 2) Comcrap...oops, I mean Comcast messed our bill up monthly, even after we have canceled our cable 3) we already just watch certain TV series and movies anyway, so no need for cable

So we bought Apple TV and subscribed to Netflix and I have no clue why we didn't make this switch sooner?!  We are able to watch all our favorite shows and start new series as well. 

We just started watching House of Cards and I am completely obsessed to the point where I want to go on a binge and watch every episode(and have for the past week and a half).  We have two more episodes, which we plan to finish tonight, so please don't ruin anything.  This show is fascinating, weird(really, really weird) and sick on so many levels, but so incredibly good.  If you haven't started watching it you should sign up for Netflix now and start the show.

The other TV Series we love are Homeland, and True Detective.  We are able to watch HBO Go on Apple TV, so we can watch the second season of True Detective once is starts again.  Great show btw, super dark, but the acting is incredible.  Matthew Mcconaughey has really stepped his acting game up in the last few years and I love Woody Harrelson.

We will have to buy the fourth season of Homeland on Apple TV once is begins on October 5th(yes I have a countdown going)!!  Homeland and House of Cards are tied for my favorite tv shows(Breaking Bad was my all time fav).  Homeland keeps us on the edge of our seat pretty much every episode.  I love anything having to do with CIA, FBI, etc.  At one point in my teen years I was convinced I would join the CIA, until I realized that I am still afraid of the dark, so that probably wouldn't work...

I also want to start watching Orange is the New Black, everyone I've talked to loves the show, so maybe that's next.  The book is supposed to be good too.  Sadly I am "that person" who watches the movie/tv series first, which I know, I know, is never as good as the book.  I will argue Devil Wears Prada and Harry Potter were good movies, and I found myself judging them independently of their book.

What TV Series do you love and suggest we start?