Scenes from NY

by Emily Satzger in ,

I love New York, it's one of my favorite places to visit.  I am fortunate enough to love my job and to be able to travel to NYC often.  Market opened this past week and I came up to buy for Spring '15.  Luckily one of my best friends, Elle, and her husband live in NY and they were kind enough to open up their sweet apartment to me.  Seeing good friends in NY is so refreshing after a long day at work, and I love viewing the city through their eyes.

After having an appt right when I landed Saturday night I meet up with Elle and find this sight waiting for me at Brother Jimmy's.  We watched the USC/UGA game(go gamecocks, I have adopted them as my SC team). 

Meet Elle, one of my closest friends.  She and I know just about everything about each other and I couldn't imagine life without her.

After drinks at Brother Jimmy's we decided we needed some real food in our system and headed across the street to a quaint and delicious Italian restaurant, Bocca.  Check out their red wine, I'll take a sip of each please!

Work hard play hard, you understand the meaning in NY.  I think New Yorkers have mastered the meaning, without playing hard you would never be able to work as hard as many of them have to do to survive up there. 

Sunday morning came and I headed to the Javits Center.  It's the largest convention center I have stepped foot it, I get mad I don't have a fit bit when I am there, because I am convinced I walk several miles in a day.  Check out this structure, it's insane, and this is only a portion of the building, it spans several blocks.

Each designer sets up an individual "booth" that's specific to them and their brand.  Even though the store I work for doesn't carry Alice and Olivia they're also my favorite when it comes to their display, gorgeous!

Each designer also has some sort of candy at their "booth" and this year DVF won me over with these sweet and sour lips!

After working all day Sunday I headed down to the Wall Street area to meet Elle and her husband.  They had me meet them on the coolest street I have seen in NY, Stone St.  It's comprised of restaurants and bars that open up onto a cobblestone alley filled with picnic tables and covered by string lights, so neat!  Feels like you're in a different city/country!

Check out my guilty pleasure(yes it was amazing) from the pub we had drinks and apps at on Stone St.

As we were leaving we walked by this restaurant, is that not one of the coolest exteriors?!

Ellen introduced me to one of their favorite neighborhood bars last time I was in NY, Primrose.  It's one of my favorites, comfortable, low key, and good atmosphere.  They have live music on Sunday nights, and this bluegrass band was legit.  Kind of took Elle and I back to our days at Appalachian.

NY was wonderful, as always.  As I flew back to Charleston Monday night I caught a little of the Mets' game :)