Our Weekend at the Lake

by Emily Satzger in

Back to reality....

We had the best weekend at my in law's lake house in Michigan, it was the perfect get away.  We were told it was scalding hot in Charleston, so we were thankful to be in 80 degree weather with refreshing water.

We flew in this tiny little plane to Detroit.  Luckily Rob and I fly a ton, so we're pretty comfortable flyers.  Don't get me wrong too much turbulence makes me want a drink, stat!  R is 6' 4" so he was quite a sight walking to his seat, it's a miracle he doesn't break his neck.

So we had flown into Detroit as a connection airport, but never as our final destination and we were blown away.  They have this tunnel that has music and lighting that's synched with the music that will blow you away.  It's so cool, maybe I have a 4 year old mentality with things like this, but I was extremely impressed.

I had tons of people behind me, so I apologize for the blurriness.

If you follow me on Instagram(emilywsatzger) you've seen some of these pictures, so I apologize in advance.  Check out our view of the lake, it was absolutely serene and peaceful, exactly what we needed.  We could stare at this all day everyday.

There's a Mexican restaurant R and his family have gone to for years, and every time we're at the lakehouse we make an annual stop.  It's in a neat building beside old train tracks, it used to be a railroad grain bin building.  I ordered a feast in a pineapple, it was amazing, and a giant size beer and enjoyed every bit of it!

Please tell me you've seen The Birdcage, RIP Robin Williams.  It's one of my favorite movies, it's hilarious.  Anyway, great scene in the movie that has to do with plates featuring people doing let's just say "interesting things."  Well R's dad has these coffee mugs that are very similar to the plates in The Birdcage, except featuring animals...I think they're awesome.

We went kayaking on Sunday around the lake and found a small canal that led to this pure beauty!

Rob's dad is quite the cook, and he fixed the most amazing salmon Sunday night, I could have eaten several pieces.  He's always has the prettiest presentation, something I could learn a few things about. 

We eat dinner out on the deck every evening while we are at the lakehouse and the sunsets are always gorgeous.  Clearly my amateur photography skills do not do this picture justice, the sunset was gorgeous.

This is one of my favorite pictures from our weekend.  A storm had just blown through and the sun was starting to peek out.  A perfect end to a great long weekend.