Designing Women Could Teach Me a Few Things

by Emily Satzger in

I don't know why I struggle so much with interior decorating, but I have some serious struggles.  Every now and then I am in Homegoods and it clicks and I can grab a piece here and there that works, but that's a rare occurrence.  My mom, aunt and cousin are both great at decorating, the gene must have bypassed me.  Needless to say I harass my cousin and good friend Jill all the time, I am expecting a bill to make its way to me if I keep it up. 

Currently working on a pop of color for our living room and switching a few things around to freshen things up.  Also, finding good knick knacks to make a room appear more put together and stylish.

Have y'all seen the sea urchins, I love them and could buy 4 more, but I don't want to go overboard.  I put one on top of the garden stool in our powder room, and think it gives the room the added touch it needed.

Some of my sea urchin inspiration pictures


I think finding the best things from Homegoods requires going everyday, haha, ok, not quite but I do think stopping by routinely makes a big difference.  I'm very fortunate and live 2 miles, literally, from Homegoods(dangerous folks).

Anyway, went last night and found this picture, it's perfect and pulls in the pillows I purchased on Sunday!


So many people are doing coral prints now, and I pulled some inspiration from these pictures.

We had a tall lamp downstairs and my interior decorator aka Jill, who I harass with 45 million 365 pictures a day suggested we move it to the upstairs hallway.  The space needed some height, and it already looks a ton better.  Working on a mirror and new picture frames too(in looking at it here I think I need less picture frames and one nice frame).

I need to control this wire action you see in this picture, nay nay!

Here's some of my inspiration pictures...I have a ways to go :)

I've had these nesting tables for years and they were collecting dust in our guest bedroom doing nothing, so I replaced the tall lamp with the tables.  I'm in search of a tall table lamp and cute knick knacks to decorate the table with. 

Side note, I really want to get a sea grass rug to layer with our cowhide.  It looks so great and warms the room up. 

Here are some more seagrass/cowhide rooms.

Now I just need to plant a money tree in our yard, ha!