Friday Favorites

by Emily Satzger in

Yay peeps, it's Friday, and even better it has been a four day work week!  I love a short week, but they throw me completely off my schedule, so I will be glad to get back to normalcy next week.  We plan to have a low key weekend, settle back in, catch up on laundry, cook healthy food(we've been awful) and perhaps begin the project of painting our banister!  


Each week I am going to use Friday to share my "favorites." They're all across the board, so enjoy!

1. Petrified Wood Magnets:  I have been searching for magnets for probably a year, not normal magnets, neat magnets you're proud to place on your fridge for everyone to view.  I found these great magnets at Open Door Shop the other evening.  Two amazing women opened an awesome home interior/gift store, Open Door Shop, check it out, they're one of a kind gifts!  

2. Joie Kidmore Sneakers:  Ok, I broke down and purchased these beautiful shoes and I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.  They are going to be great to wear with so much this fall.  Keep in mind I stand all day everyday at work, and I welcome a "cute" pair of comfy shoes.  They also this color and this color as well, both equally cute.

3.  Wine:  Clearly y'all know by now it's my go to, and becoming more of a hobby.  I love trying different reds, more than whites lately.  A tip, that is probably worthless, but has worked for me, and how I found this bottle…look to see what bottles are 1) on sale 2) not at the front of the shelf(meaning several people have grabbed the wine and you have to reach further back to pull it up) 3)this almost always works in grocery stores, and wine stores.  This wine is delicious, light, but has enough character to not taste like water.

4.  I love music, seriously listen to it all day everyday, all different types.  This is my current favorites, it's laid back enough to play as background music but up beat too, puts me in a good mood.  All my friends joke with me about music like this, and they call it "Emily music." 

5. WED Blog:  We got married three months ago, and it was absolutely beautiful(clearly I am partial)!  We contracted an amazing company in Charleston, WED, and they executed our vision perfectly.  Ellen Robinson is amazing if you're in the market or know someone who is beginning to plan their wedding.  They posted a few pictures of our wedding on their blog, and it's so fun to look through and re-live, seriously the best day ever(thanks to an awesome planner and crew).