Fall Clothing Crushes

by Emily Satzger

Isn't it funny how September 1st rolls around and everyone is suddenly ready for Fall.  It doesn't help the temperatures are still hovering in the 90's.  Charleston will not be ready for actual "fall clothing" until late October, if we're lucky.   I travel to NY this weekend, so I am thinking of cooler weather and clothing, which is getting me in the mood for Fall clothing!


This dress is SO CUTE!  I love dresses like this, basic with just enough character to give it a little extra style.  I love the red, but the green could be beautiful for the Fall as well.  OH and did I mention, it's under $100!

You should see how many oxfords I own, it's probably my favorite shirt.  They are classic, and easy to dress up or down.  Lately I love a longer oxford to pair with jeans and ankle boots or heels.  I saw this one at Old Navy and thought it was a great find!  Light pink and grey is one of my favorite combos this fall!

Love this wrap top from Zara!  It's navy which is my new favorite, and yes pair it with black all day long, it's such a sharp look.

These Splendid pants are great!  Olive is a great neutral to wear with navy, black, browns, pinks, etc.  My most comfortable pants that are so old and too tattered to be worn in public are Splendid.  I would wear these with flats, ankle boots, heels and carry them into Spring with sandals.

I have always had luck with J. Crew's outerwear.  I truly need to invest in a neutral color, but this color is so pretty and would be refreshing in the dead of winter.

Another great coat!  I love color blocking, and the choice of colors is perfect!

I don't own a good Fall heel.  I came across these and love the color(and color of the heel I hate fake looking wood on shoes), snake skin look, and shape of the heel.  They also look like they would be somewhat comfortable, always a plus!

Yes pajamas are on my list.  I get so hot in my sleep(maybe it's because a 50lb furry dog sleeps on me), but would love to not look like the winner of tacky day at school when I wake up.  These Gilligan O'Malley pj's are so soft, and I also love these too!