Bedroom Rug and Fixings

by Emily Satzger in

Our house has been a work in progress(aren't they all?), we moved from an apartment to a house double the size.  So clearly we didn't have the proper furnishings from our apartment.  Neither R or myself had a clue about how expensive furniture is, geesh!  So we have slowly built each room up and still have a ton to do, but it's starting to come together nicely. 

We are in desperate need of a rug for our bedroom.  Boone sleeps on the bed(the worst thing/best thing) and it would be nice to have a rug for when he jumps up and down from the bed.  We have so many scratches from him and it's horrible for their joints, so our next investment is a rug.  OH!  And Boone likes to scratch rugs, so it has to be a thin wool rug or a rug made out of jute/sea grass.

Lulu and Georgia is one of my favorite online home furnishing websites.  They have tons of great rugs, and the prices are pretty reasonable.  Here are my current favs for our bedroom.


I love the colors of this rug.  I tend to always pick neutral colors, and our bedroom is already neutral so adding a little color would be nice.

Neutral and so pretty! 

This may be my personal favorite.  It would give the room a little bit more style since everything else is pretty neutral/classic.  I just worry if it's too much print...I can dress people all day long, but tell me to design a room and I am helpless.

More of a neutral option, but still has a small pattern.  I love geometric patterns like this, they tend to go with anything.

Who doesn't love a little shimmer?  This rug accomplishes the neutral look but gives a little bit more style to the room.

I think stripes go with almost anything, depending on how they're done.  This rug varies the stripe width, so I think it would compliment other patterns and prints easily.

I love how faint this shade of blue is in this rug, and the pattern kind of bleeds together as well.

Other things I am lusting for our bedroom from Lulu and Georgia...

This antelope is pretty awesome.

We don't have anything above our headboard and this mirror would look great!

We are in desperate need of art and I love these prints to hang in a grouping.

I WELCOME decorating tips, what are some of your favorite tips and/or furnishing stores or websites?