by Emily Satzger in

As I have gotten older I have begun to appreciate art more and the act of acquiring art.  I haven't acquired any art other than the fine artist showcased at Homegoods, hahaha!  However, I would like to change this habit, although I will say every now and then you can find some great pieces at Homegoods.  


There's a great art studio in Charleston, Redux Studios.  They allow up and coming and many established artists to rent spaces to showcase their work.   One of the many who showcase at Redux is Teil Duncan.  She's been famous in the blog world for several years, and recently she's starting to become well known throughout the country.  I think her prices will only increase, so I would love to invest now, but to us it's still a considerable investment.

She receives lots of press for her beach prints, but her figure studies and animal prints are awesome too.  I would love to buy a beach print, they're so colorful and work really well with the style of our house.  Plus they usually look like the beach scene at Sullivan's Island, which is our local beach spot.

FYI, her work sells out in a hot minute.  She is releasing new beach prints on MARCH 4th at 9am!!!  So get your credit card and mouse handy!

Her cows are awesome!  I would love to get rid of our bachelor pad bar area and get a pretty dry bar piece and hang one of the cows over the bar.

One Kings Lane is a great way to find artists for someone who knows very little about art.  I will go on and browse through their art section to find artists whose work I enjoy.  

One of my other favorite artists is Erin Gregory, I see her prints a lot on One Kings Lane.  She does beautiful floral bouquet prints, that are bright, with lots of texture and patterns.  This print is on OKL now and is 60% off!

Another artist I found browsing through OKL is Jennifer Moreman.  She does some animal work that I am in love with.  I don't know what my obsession with large pieces of art with an image of an animal, but it does it for me.  This print of a moose is so cool.

Speaking of animals I know an artist in Charlotte, Ashton Nichols, she's actually a former co-worker, and her art is INCREDIBLE!  She does the most beautiful animals you've ever seen.  I would love to commission her to do a massive elephant for our dining room.  Check out her art, you're going to fall in love!