Flush Mounts

by Emily Satzger in

So you know how I mentioned I am on a decorating kick, well it's for real, I look at everything and want to paint, add, get rid off, switch, etc.  Lately I have been obsessing over our flush mounts.  We got rid of the one in the foyer and now I really want to get rid of the one in the foyer hallway.

Have you ever looked at flush mounts?  The options are endless, and can go from $20-$1,000.  Clearly I want to stay in the two digit price range, so I have my work cut out for me.  Because as much as I love a good price tag, I don't love a cheap look, and lets be honest...finding a good looking light fixture for less than a $100 is a struggle, and the struggle is real!

But check out the ones I have found...

So this light fixture was purchased in the brushed nickel color way and spray painted!!!  How amazing does it look?!  I am starting to realize a can of spray paint can do wonders.  You can buy a basic flush mount like this from Home Depot.  I am amazed by this, I would have never thought to do such a thing...but I have very little creativity in this department.

So this is the second option I really like, the "school house" flush mount.  They are all over Amazon, and all under $100.  They have a round and clear globe and than a more traditional look, like the picture above.

I think I am leaning towards buying this one, but spray painting it a vintage like gold color...thoughts?  One thing I was worried about, was matching the hardware throughout the house(it's brushed nickel), but the more I look at magazines and Pinterest, the more I see things are mismatched.