Life Lately

by Emily Satzger in

Did y'all think I fell of the planet...nope, I'm here, live and well.  Blogging just fell by the way side over the last several months.  R and I have several things going on, all good things, thankfully, but sometimes you have to prioritize and blogging just wasn't my top priority.  I would like to move it back up in the ranking, so bear with me over the next week or two and we will get back in a good stride. 


So what's been happening in this life of mine lately, well here's some of my most recent pictures on my phone for a little glimpse into this crazy life of mine...

Let's discuss this...this is from Target and $15!!  I have been on an interior design kick for the last several weeks, and I was blown away when I came upon this accent piece at Target!  I picked it up immediately and it looks great on our entry table in the foyer.  Target is killin' it right now, go check it out stat!

A few weeks ago my dad and step-mom were in town and we took them to see the Angel Oak Tree.  Talk about take your breath away!  When we first pulled up I wasn't that impressed, than we got out of the car and as we got closer to the tree I couldn't get over it's beauty.  Definitely worth seeing while in Charleston.


Check out our landscaping!!  So this was nothing before, just a bed of pine-straw lining the garage.  One morning R and I decided we just couldn't look at it anymore and we went to Lowes(a few times that day) and by the end of the day we had created this beautiful sight!  I am hoping to finish the side this week.  I love working in the yard, talk about a sense of accomplishment and instant gratification.

Heyyyy Girl Heyyyyyyyy!!!  Yes that's me, doing an overhead squat in a work out.  One of the trainers snapped a pic to show me my form.  I'm super flexible and it's one skill that comes in handy when knocking out these bad boys.  R and I have really been trying to get into a groove of early morning workouts.  I love starting my day with the workout, we both swear it makes us feel better throughout the day. 

Two products to have in your house for a rainy day, Rub n Buff and spray paint, ohhhh did I go to town.  I had so much fun I started looking for items throughout the house to test my craftiness.  I limited myself to a lamp and paper towel holder, both turned out quite nicely!


Happy Tuesday folks!