Favorite Trend

by Emily Satzger in

My favorite trend of 2014/2015 by far is the sneaker trend.  I wear my nikes several times a week, to work, to the grocery, around the house, any chance I get to throw tennis shoes on I do!  When you stand all day, it taxes every part of your body.  So the fact that I can wear tennis shoes at work and still be "on trend" is amazing. 

My nikes are black and white, basic, and great, but I tend to only wear them with black.  So now Spring is FINALLY beginning to roll around the corner I have my eyes on a few lighter color sneakers to pair back with white and/or lighter color denim shorts and pants.

I must tell you the Nike Roshe shoes are so comfortable, the foot bed is ridged, it's a mini massage on your feet.  

So these are my faves...

I love the neon colors for spring/summer, and may have to purchase the Comme des Garcons converse sneakers asap.  I love this brand, and love the little heart on the side!