Spring Gems

by Emily Satzger in

This Spring I have found so many random favorites, some I have purchased, others I am still longing to buy, but check out my favorite Spring Gems!

S'well Water Bottle:  PEOPLE!  PEOPLE!  You have to have this water bottle, it's my favorite of all time!  It doesn't sweat, keeps water COLD for 24 hrs., and keeps warm things warm for 12hrs(however, I haven't ever tried anything warm).  It's sleek and not clunky like my old Camelbak.  I also like the fact it doesn't have a straw, straws give you wrinkles! 

J. Crew Parker Crossbody:  This is one of my favorite crossbodys of the season, simple, no brand blasted all over the purse, it's just a classic crossbody.  How fun is this neon!  I love the nude too, it's one of my favorite nudes, not too yellow or pink, a good balanced nude.

Splendid Coldwater Sandals:  Splendid sandals are great!  I have received more compliments are my Spendid sandals from a few years ago, and they've held up so well.  They're comfortable and simple!  I wear mine so much I am looking at another pair for this year, and these are perfect!  I love the black/tan combo, they'll go with everything!

Fendi Thick Frame Sunglasses:  I have had foldable Wayfairs for a few years now, and love them, they're perfect for living on the water(I am a big fan of polarized lenses).  However, I have been thinking about getting a more "fashionable" pair of sunglasses.  These Fendi sunglasses are amazing, how great are the colors on the side.  I love the pink ones too!

J. Crew Panama Hat:  As I have gotten older I have realized the importance of staying out of the sun, and keeping my precious skin covered!  I have become an avid sunscreen wearer, and am now realizing why hats are so important!  Thankfully they've become a central part of fashion in recent years, which I think is a result of everyone getting on the "protect skin train."  This hat is adorable and a good price, I have my eye on this Eugenia Kim hat, but my wallet is telling me "hell no!  have you lost your mind!"  Oh!  Check out this J.Crew Factory Panama Hat for under $20!!