Apartment Decorating

by Emily Satzger in

Decorating is always on the forefront of my mind.  I don't find myself amazing at decorating, so I am constantly looking at Pinterest or magazines for inspiration.  Since we are downsizing by half we are going to have to make the best use of our space.  I have been pinning away trying to get some inspiration...

We are going to have to be smart about organization.  

We are purchasing this bar cart to store wine, glasses, and our favorite liquors.  

I love the sheepskin rug look, and know I will love how it feels when it's sub zero outside.  I found this sheepskin rug to layer on top of a larger rug on amazon for under $55!  

Shelves in the guest bath will give us extra room to display pictures and put glass canisters filled with bathroom essentials(cotton balls, q-tips, etc.).  These shelves from West Elm seem to be deep enough.

How great is this letter holder from Cb2?!  Having little organization pieces like this will make a big difference.