Rug Obsessed

by Emily Satzger in

Happy Wednesday friends!  This week has been a great first week as we start our new life in Chicago.  R is loving his new job, and I have done a good bit of exploring, each day I've gone a little further than the day before in my exploration around the city.  I think I may take the L-train up to Lincoln Park today, they have the best little shops and cafes!  

In between my trips out I've been obsessing over rugs, yes rugs.  I think rugs make the biggest difference in a home/apartment.  Since our apartment has hardwoods throughout(heck yes!) I want to have plenty of rugs throughout to warm the space up and make it feel a bit more homey.  Also, all our rugs are going to be indoor/outdoor rugs!  My cousin swears by Dash and Albert, and I found them to have one of the largest indoor/outdoor collections.  

2) Guest Bath Rug-side note, I love rugs in front of vanities in the bathroom.  Everyone concentrates on bath mats and they're missing the ball.  Put a 2X3(if it's a small or average size bathroom) in front of the vanity and get a white bath mat towel and use that instead.  

3)Master Bath Rug-I just can't make up my mind on a rug for our bathroom.  Lulu & Georgia has some great indoor/outdoor rugs as well, and what I like about them is their size.  There smallest size is 2x4, and I like having a little extra length.   This is my favorite so far for our bath.


Enjoy your day!!