Weekend Recap

by Emily Satzger in

Best weekend evaaaa!!!!  How can a weekend go badly when you start it off with the best(that i've tasted so far) Chicago Deep Dish pizza, oh my gah!  So delicious!  So let me give you the play by play on this moment.  We first tried to go to Lou Malnati's which is down the street from us, after seeing 50 people waiting outside and being told the wait was 1 hour and 45 minutes we decided to flag a cab and make our way up to Lincoln Park to try Pequod's.

So the wait at Pequod's was 45 minutes, which was fine, we grabbed a beer and just stood and waited as we saw and smelled all the pizzas.  It seemed that the majority of the crowd was local, which in my opinion is ALWAYS a good sign.  Luckily for us two people got up from the bar and I ran over and snagged the seats.  We went ahead and ordered an app as well as our pizza(which we ordered a small pizza and that was PLENTY). 

It was worth the cab ride, the wait, and every penny...this pizza was INCREDIBLE, absolutely delicious!  We kept it simple, which I recommend, pepperoni and sausage.  R's parents are coming up this weekend and I see Pequod's in our future :)

Saturday we headed to walk around Navy Pier with every other human in Chicago.  It's about a 20 minute walk from our current apartment, and definitely worth going to walk around.  Next time I would go early in the morning before the mobs of people take over.  

Afterwards we headed to Wrigley for a Cubs/Reds game!!!  I surprised R for our anniversary with tickets to the game, which was a great experience.  

The red line runs straight to Wrigley, the Addison stop, it's super convenient, hence why every other person in the world is on the train.  This is how the train looked after it thinned out a bit.  Prior to this I was smashed up against people telling myself to remain calm and breathe, luckily everyone smelled ok, otherwise I might have had a slight panic attack.

Our seats were incredible, R was in heaven!  This was our view prior to the rain and lightening rolling in, which caused a 2 hour and 45 minute rain delay 👎  BUT we found two seats under the covered area and they put the Blackhawks game on the jumbo-tron 👍

and the Blackhawks won!!!


Next up on the agenda, our 1 year anniversary!  R had the perfect day planned.  He surprised me with an afternoon at the Trump Spa.  We spent the day being pampered with mimosas, chocolate covered strawberries, infinity soaking tubs, massages, and champagne...it was luxurious and an absolute treat!  

After we took plenty of time at the spa, we headed back to our apartment to get ready for dinner at Mexique!  It's Mexican fusion(it's French inspired) done oh so well.  Chef Carlos Gaytan has been on Top Chef, which I don't watch because I haven't had cable, but I believe he was one of the final four.  Mexique is in the Noble Square area, and we took Lyft there(similar to Uber if you've not used it, but they have a ton of first time promotional deals).

I should have taken a picture of the menu to better describe each dish, but I did not...so just check out the pictures.  Every part of our meal was delicious.  I highly recommend Mexique!

We started with two appetizers, the ceviche and a braised pork dish. Both were delicious, but we both preferred the ceviche, it was a type of tuna with compressed octopus, the flavors of the dish were incredible!

Onto our main dishes, R ordered the lamb, I ordered the duck.  We would both order the same dishes again.  The duck just fell off the bone, duck leg confit success! 

We finished the evening with dessert, Tres Leches!  One of the most delicious desserts I've ever had at a restaurant.  

All in all, an AMAZING WEEKEND!!!