Easy Makeup Post Baby

by Emily Satzger in

You know me and makeup, we go together like peanut butta and jelly, the ying to my yang...you get the point.  So after having G it was no different, I wanted to have my "face fixed" no matter how little or much sleep I was going on, as it makes me feel "normal."  The feeling of being "normal" was a constant thing for me those first few weeks.  After I had Graham I didn't feel "normal" for several weeks.  I had a bit of the baby blues and will talk about this in an upcoming post.  Even though all these feelings were absolutely "normal" you don't feel like yourself for quite sometime.  So I tried to do all I could do to make me feel a bit more normal, and for me that's wearing makeup!

I'm working on an eye makeup post coming up, eye skin care and makeup is a separate entity of its own. 

My 5 Favorite Products

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue  

I love this product, because it goes on so smoothly and quickly.  I put it on like moisturizer and it rubs in perfectly.  I prefer a bit more coverage and more of a matte look, so I layer powder on top.

DiorSkin Nude Air Powder

I think this powder if a great setting powder with a little bit of coverage.  I read reviews that it's not great for oily skin, so maybe stay away from it if that's the case for you.  However, it seems to work really well with my skin(which is more combo) and no break outs!  I'll swipe this on quickly after I apply the Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer.

MAC Minerlize Powder in Golden

I have fallen IN LOVE with this product.  I use it as a bronzer and it makes all the difference.  It's not too dark, and is more of a light golden powder.  Bronzers can tend to look "dirty" or muddy on my fair skin, so I have found this is the perfect color.  The girl at MAC said she preferred using a darker powder as a bronzer instead, I now know why.

MAC Blush in Melba

The BEST contour blush!  It's the perfect color and I find it so easy to use to lightly contour.  If I actually tried to contour I would probably look like I was wearing war paint and about to go to war.  I lightly brush this color along my jaw line and it gives a nice blush/bronze color, it's not too muddy.

Dior Mascara

It's still my favorite mascara.  I've tried so many different mascaras and I always go back to this one.  I love the brush, how it separates my lashes, and the volume it gives my lashes.  I've got larger eyes, so if I don't have anything on them I look a bit "buggy."  I think some mascaras don't coat or give my lashes enough volume that I still have to wear eyeliner.  This is the only mascara I've found that I can use without eyeliner..does this make sense?