Hospital Bag Essentials

by Emily Satzger in ,

When I was pregnant I loved reading these type of posts.  So I thought it would be nice to see what my must haves and items I never used for the hospital.  And if you know someone who's pregnant, these are nice gifts to receive.

First off my bag.  I LOVE the canvas bags, and have 2, one for us and one for Graham.  I bought mine from LL Bean and my parents gave Graham one from Lands Ends.  I must admit I prefer the Lands End one, it's a much softer material.  We have used them both a ton, for traveling and going to the beach, I recommend the zip top!

My Essentials

Belly Band:  Funny story!  I had heard about these prior to having a baby, but didn't order one.  Then a nurse tech came in the hospital room the day I had Graham and told me in her Puerto Rican accent, "you want flat belly?!"  "you need a belly band!"  Well I'm a sales person's dream, and of course I purchased one that day.  

I loved it and began using it the third day after birth(only because I didn't have it in the hospital).  I ordered a small, you want it to be tight, but able to fasten(I had to work hard those first few days to fasten it).  Not only does it make your stomach feel more normal, but it supports your back.  I wasn't used to toting 7.5lbs around all day everyday.

I think it really did help my stomach muscles and hips work their way back into place.  I used it for about a month/ month and a half after having G.

Nursing Tanks:  I lived in these nursing tanks from Target in the hospital and the first few weeks.  If you are BF you nurse so often those first few days and weeks it's easier to have these on layered underneath a wrap or jacket.  I've continued to love them though, and sleep in them nightly.  

*side note, I even wore the black one under a blazer when R and I grabbed a drink one night when my MIL was watching G the second week.

Boppy:  I loved having my nursing pillow in the hospital.  I read mixed reviews on this prior, but I hated using 40 hospital pillows to get the right position.  Plus in my opinion, it's nice to have the LC show you how to get your baby to latch on the pillow you'll be using at home.

Your Sleeping Pillow:  Essential!  I did not have mine and wish I would have, not that you sleep a ton or soundly in the hospital, but it's more comforting to have the comforts of home.  Also, get your hubby to bring his pillow as well.

Maternity Workout Pants:  I didn't have a C-section, but I rolled the maternity band down anyway. These were my favorite pants throughout pregnancy and I loved them the first month postpartum.  I personally wasn't a fan of the robe, it made me feel "sickish."  I preferred to be in normal clothing to make me feel a bit more normal.  

*Also, I LOVED my Lululemon high rise pants, and wore them as well in the hospital.  Thank the lawd for spandex!

Hanes Undies:  Talk about granny panties!  I used these over the thin undies the hospital provides.  It made me feel more comfortable.  I think I ordered a Medium in these and I just rolled the waist band down to where I was comfortable.

Comfy PJ's:  I did change into PJ's at night to make me feel more "normal."  These were perfect, the waist wasn't too tight, and they were great for nursing, and having my vitals checked every 4 hrs.

Snacks:  These came in handy the second night(which apparently is this unspoken horrific night in baby world).  When Graham decided he only wanted to sleep in our arms and R and I were terrified of falling asleep while holding him we began eating trail mix and granola bars.  Also, nursing is so exhausting at first, they're sucking the life out of you(literally) and it's so important to keep your calorie intake up so you're not completely drained.  

Baby Blanket:  I had my mom and MIL go out and purchase a baby blanket to layer on him when we came home.  Clearly not needed if you're in a hot climate or have a baby in the middle of the summer.  HOWEVER, we live in Chicago, and it was in the 40's and rainy the day we came home from the hospital.

Things I Didn't Use

-Outfits for Graham:  I think people are different about this, but homeboy was literally in a diaper, hat, and his hospital swaddle blanket our entire stay.  They check their stats so often, and you change their diapers all the time, I personally found clothing to be pointless.  SO, all the outfits I packed for him did not get used.  However he did come home in a precious Kissy Kissy onesie, their clothing is SO soft. 

Outfits for Me:  Of course I thought I'd be dressed in all different types of outfits during the day for visitors, HA!  Who am I kidding, my tail was in a nursing tank and yoga pants all day, everyday.

Nursing Pads:  You seasoned mamas already know this, but with your first baby it takes a few days for your milk to come in.  SO were useless in the hospital.